Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And She Said

There are times when you (and a group of your friends) might wonder, "Well, what would be good for us to do tonight?"

Here's a list of suggestions:
1) "Dude, if you get bored sometime, you should fuck an Asian girl!"
:: one thing to keep in mind here, my dears, is that most Asian girls are not freaks in bed (oh my! -- but maybe you knew this already); however, once in awhile, you'll get that one crazy crazy girl (yes...who would have known). That homie,  may lead you to this next comment in which the girl will probably proclaim to you betwixt slight dismay but otherwise breathy excitement,
2) "My little Asian pussy can only take so much!"

Yes, so do we know what we're doing tonight?

Ah...wait, that isn't all.

3) "So where do I get this Asian Girl?" You might ask.
That, my friend, is a bit of a hit or miss. For the most part, she will be one of the most unassuming Asian girls you will have met. Unfortunately, "unassuming" can also be split into two categories: those who are dorky but excited for life, and those that are completely immersed in their own self drama and dull. The suggestion here being, if you want some good times, go for the former as opposed to the latter.

So now do we know what we're doing tonight?

<3 Delilah

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